11 Reasons why Kesha would make a great Lt. Governor

11 Reasons why Kesha would make a great Lt. Governor

As the holidays draw near, we've put together a quick list of reasons for you to tell your friends and family why Kesha would make a great Lieutenant Governor. Add a comment below to say why you are supporting Kesha!


1. She is experienced and ready to serve 
Kesha has served eight years building consensus with conviction in the legislature, and has worked on community-driven projects in local government. She's also been an advocate for victims of domestic abuse, a leader in local non-profits, and a preschool teacher!

2. She's young, energetic, and drivenRAbldSjkAaPQ_P_Xt0WwNCZYN1A6SiQWcv1IM303ZrA,7k6RrdGPGoo4oCE8nCmhxlbFoU6bobRpBjbdv4TywTM,4y8XITIlKPceYnLdOY1U1nqEVf-cjldqo_9_ALZpX7o

At 30, she would be one of the youngest Vermonters elected to statewide office and bring a fresh leadership perspective to some of the toughest challenges facing our state. She'll also be able to speak to the concerns of attracting and retaining young Vermonters, and be a voice for the next generation!

3. She's a proud Democrat, and has been one for her entire life

hqdefaultShe started her political career speaking on a stage in Burlington--with then-Senator Barack Obama and Vermont's champion, Bernie Sanders--at a rally for Bernie's campaign for the U.S. Senate. At one point during the rally, Obama said, "If you don't behave, Bernie, we're going to have to run Kesha for the Senate!"





4. She understands Vermont communities

Kesha has many skills, but one of her greatest is her capacity to listen. As Lieutenant Governor, she has pledged to serve as a "connector-in-chief", bringing diverse communities with different perspectives together to have a seat at the table. In her almost decade-long career in public service, Kesha has met people where they are at, heard their concerns, and worked with them to provide the best solution for their community.  3JpsPTsZ7zT1myg8lxj-nQGVJW5TXVrtC38vtA7H4X4

5. She wants us to keep our promises to our seniors...

Kesha knows that we can help seniors age with dignity and quality of life by reinvesting into support for senior facilities and programming. Healthy seniors means healthy families and communities.







6. ...and will also fight for a brighter future for the next generation of Vermonters

Kesha is running on an opportunity agenda that includes increasing access to early childhood education, as well as affordable higher education, for young Vermonters. She understands that we have the ability to leave behind a better world for our children and the generations of Vermonters to come.

7. She would be the first woman of color elected to statewide office in Vermont

qA1KVIBulJkcSfiTDe8wOr0TNdXwVjBVxmYOZjhs-v0Joining the ranks of other great women in Vermont politics like Madeleine Kunin and Barbara Snelling, Kesha would make history as the first woman of color to serve in Vermont statewide elected office. She is also currently one of the only women of color to have been elected to serve in the Vermont Legislature.





8. She gives some pretty great hugs

Who doesn't like a good hug?



9. THIS:

Can you even handle the level of cuteness in this picture?!



10. Also, can we talk about how #Canines4Kesha is a thing?

Because it is most definitely a thing.









11. She's got a lot of great supporters--including you!


The most important part of any campaign is its supporters. Kesha has been endorsed by over 75 elected and community leaders, and the list is growing! Most importantly, she has supporters like you on #TeamKesha.


Let's keep spreading the word, and this campaign will continue to grow. Have a happy holiday season!

(Photo 1 credit: Mary Claire Carroll; photos 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 credit: Alison Redlich)

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