About Kesha


Kesha Ram has an eight-year track record of building consensus with conviction in the Vermont Legislature as a State Representative. Now, she is running for Lieutenant Governor to build and strengthen the economy for working families, expand access to comprehensive early and higher education, and ensure that Vermonters in every corner of our state have a strong advocate in Montpelier.

Kesha’s Background

The youngest of three children, Kesha is the proud product of a culturally diverse household – her father immigrated from India, while her mother grew up in Illinois. With her parents as role models in embracing diversity, equity and community service, Kesha developed her passion for advocacy and civic engagement in her early years.

Kesha attended the University of Vermont, where she graduated with degrees in Natural Resource Planning and Political Science; she also completed a public law program at American University.

Legislative Work

In 2008, Kesha was elected to represent Burlington’s Old North End, Hill Section, and University District. During her time in the Vermont House of Representatives, she has served on the House Ways & Means, Natural Resources & Energy, and Housing & Military Affairs Committees, as well as on the ad hoc Joint Legislative Technology Committee.

Throughout her legislative career, Kesha has passionately championed expanded tax incentives for statewide economic growth, green job creation, paid family leave, expansion of early and higher education opportunities, affordable housing, and civil rights. She has spearheaded the expansion of assistance to first-time homebuyers, protecting victims of domestic and sexual violence, and ensuring Vermonters do not have to choose between a paycheck and taking care of a sick child. Through all of these initiatives, navy-suitKesha has focused her energy on building an economy that works for all of Vermont and creates pathways out of poverty.

Professional Life

Kesha has dedicated her career to improving civic engagement opportunities for Vermonters, as well as helping vulnerable populations get access to much-needed services. Kesha is the Public Engagement Specialist for the City of Burlington Community and Economic Development Office, building relationships and empowering people to participate in city government. Prior to joining municipal government, she was the legal director for Women Helping Battered Women, assisting victims of domestic violence in the courtroom and throughout family and criminal legal proceedings. She also taught preschool. She currently serves on the boards of the Center for Whole Communities, Emerge Vermont, and the University of Vermont.


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