An Endorsement that Means a Lot to Me

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

My first hero was Rachel Carson, the leading American environmentalist and author who changed the way we think about human and ecosystem health. She wrote a book called Silent Spring that I read in fifth grade (even though a lot of it went over my head at that age), and it made me want to devote my life to protecting the environment. In fact, she had such an early influence on me, that I wrote I wanted to be an “Ecologist” in my elementary school yearbook.

That is why it means so much to me that our first organizational endorsement came from Rachel’s Action Network, which works in her name to empower women running for office who prioritize environmental health advocacy. In the wake of this pandemic, it is now clearer than ever that a clean, healthy environment saves lives. I am honored to be in great company with their endorsement, joining brave congresswomen like Lucy McBath, Katie Porter, and Lauren Underwood.

With the help of Rachel’s Action Network, as well as your continued support, I will work to improve the health of our natural environment and the health of our communities in the State Senate.

All the best,


P.S. This is the photo from my fifth grade yearbook where I said my dream career was to be an ecologist!

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