Big fat Indian wedding for US state senator

Updated: Oct 21

by Ishani Duttagupta, Times of India, October 5, 2021

Washington: Kesha Ram Hinsdale, one of the five Democrats elected to the US state senate of Vermont last November, married “the love of her life” Jacob Hinsdale in August. The couple decided to have two wedding ceremonies to honor their Jewish and Hindu roots.

“I have seen weddings of Hindu and Jewish couples that combine the different traditions in a heartening way. My parents too, had a ‘Hin-Jew’ wedding. My mother is Jewish and my father is from India and they ran an Irish pub in Los Angeles,” says Ram, who is the great-great grand-daughter of Sir Ganga Ram, famous philanthropist and engineer known for building a network of health infrastructure in India and Pakistan pre-Partition, including Delhi’s Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

...Ram is known for her advocacy and work for immigrants, people of colors and women in Vermont and believes that people who speak with accents like her or grew up in immigrant households, which depend on small business, need a bigger voice in public and government institutions such as the police and banking

“Immigrants are a fast-growing segment in Vermont and I have tried to support them in different ways including access to bank capital and help with getting driving licenses.” Her parents received a bank loan from the Women’s Bank of Los Angeles to initially start their pub in the early 1970s. And Ram believes that immigrants and women still need that kind of support to start businesses.

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