Black Vermonters hardest hit by Covid-19, new data shows

by Ashley DeLeon, VT Digger, August 16th, 2021.

Many Black Americans work in frontline jobs, said Sen. Kesha Ram, pointing to examples such as environmental services workers, nurses, and nursing staff in long-term care facilities.

“The question becomes, how well are they supported in those jobs to make sure that they have protective gear, that they’re listened to, that they are given the conditions that will support a healthy work environment,” said Ram, a Chittenden Democrat...

... Beyond Covid-19, Ram hopes that efforts to recognize and address disparities in health care will continue.

“Hopefully, the Department of Health uses what it's continuing to learn about disparities to improve health outcomes for Black and brown Vermonters in all other realms of health care. We need to start attacking every disparity with the same honesty that we are the Covid-19 pandemic,” she said.

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