Legislators call for honest teaching of history

by Jim Sabataso, Rutland Herald, September 17th, 2021.

The Legislature’s Social Equity Caucus is calling for an “honest and complete” teaching of United States history in Vermont K-12 schools.

The caucus released a statement Thursday, encouraging Vermonters to “challenge a growing narrative coming from outside our borders that is deliberately using fear and division to threaten our world-class education system.”

“The Vermont Legislative Social Equity Caucus supports the teaching of U.S. History uncensored, and believes our youth are deserving of the opportunity to honestly reflect and build authentic connection to one another,” it read.

“This boogeyman of critical race theory is being used to stop a lot of equity and access conversations from being able to move forward,” said Sen. Kesha Ram Hinsdale, D-Chittenden, Social Equity Caucus co-chair.

“We are hearing a lot of isolation, pain and frustration from local elected officials,” she said, adding that educators and school board members are reporting threats and increased hostility from some community members.

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