Look Ahead, Vermont: Sen. Kesha Ram encourages graduates to embrace leadership

by Greg Sukiennik, Brattleburo Reformer, June 6th, 2021.

“If this pandemic has taught us anything, hopefully it is that going far in life is not as valuable as bringing others with you on the journey,” Ram said. “And as we know well in Vermont, in freedom there is unity, and in unity there is freedom. It’s getting there together that’s the hard part, but the part worth striving for.”

Ram told Burr and Burton graduates they had been “forged in the fire of a very unique struggle at this formative age, not only with a pandemic, but a political, social, and racial reckoning that is on the cusp of shifting our collective worldview and bending the arc of the moral universe further toward justice.”

Emerging stronger from that reckoning will not be easy, and will require leadership, Ram said.

She advocated for a different sort of leadership than many of us have been groomed to expect: not the leader as a noun, the strong-willed, self-made rugged individual, but as a verb, one who reaches across political differences, and does not assume they have all the answers.

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