The next election will be held on November 8, 2022 


Information on registering to vote and voting can be found below

Registering to Vote and Checking your Status

To check if you’re registered to vote or to request a ballot by mail, visit Here you will be able to see your registration status using your first name, last name, and date of birth. It is helpful to have your driver’s license number on hand to make any changes, however, no ID is required in order to register or vote.


Mailing Your Ballot 

After filling out your ballot, you have the option to mail it to your local town office or deliver it in person to your town clerk's office. If you are mailing your ballot, you can send it any time before the date of the primary, but make sure you do not wait until the day of because your vote might not be counted in time. If you do not get it in the mail on time, you can instead bring the ballot to the town offices before the election or to the polls on the date of the primary and drop it off in person. 


Election Day

Polling places will be open on election day so if you would like to vote in person you can. We urge all in-person voters this year to stay safe, wear a mask, and social distance. We also have same-day voter registration in Vermont, so you can register on primary day  and vote that same day at your local polling place. If you requested a mail-in ballot, you can bring it to the polls and drop it off on election day. If you forget or lose your ballot, as long as you have not been marked down as having already voted, you can still vote at your polling place.